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Paramedic Services with Air and Road Ambulances: The staff of the Diaspora International Hospital Uganda and its culture will reflect its international nature.  For this, specialists from around the world and from Uganda, who are multilingual and with inter-cultural background will render services to the ‘guests’ of the DIHU. The project will have Linkages with major Pharmaceutical Companies, within and around the World.  
The main target of the project comprises the citizens in Uganda, who usually go to other parts of the world for medical check-up and the unprivileged people of Uganda.

The DIHU will be international in nature and ethos. It will provide services with modern patient and guest centred designs, facilities and technology to principally improve the health of patients and create a magnificent working environment for staff. The idea is to give a five-star Serene-ultra environment, approach and attention to patients and guests to all DIHU facilities.

Finally, it is important to indicate that for the Patients/Guests’ of the DIHU and DIHU-Med Policyholders, the focus will be promoting health with various mailings of simple information as guidance to good health, protecting health by undertaking planned check-ups and restoring the health of those, who have had an affliction of some sort may patronize its services.

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