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A kind sponsorship from your company/industry will contribute to the success of this very 1st DIHUF Conference and giving us the opportunity to bring this to the reality in the lives of Ugandans and their neighborhoods.  Your wise efforts will be cherished. The Sponsors will be benefited through advertisement which will be included in the proceedings of DIHUF.
Why Sponsor?

•    Publicity and Long-term branding.  
•    Unique intellectual leadership communication opportunities.  
•    Reaching the Ugandan Communities in Diaspora.  
•    Promoting your Company, products and services and connecting to new customers.  
Sponsorship Opportunity and Benefits

•    Logo and Name on DIHUF Stage Banners: 1 horizontal and 1 vertical banner. 
•    Complimentary DIHUF Registration: 2 Registrations including, lunch and tea. 
•    Logo and name on the brochure. 
•    Logo and name on the proceedings. 
•    Logo and name on DIHUF website. 
•    50% Discounted rate for exhibition space. 
Payment Requirements

A minimum deposit of 50% of the sponsorship fee is due with the completed agreement on or before 30th August 2018.

If a sponsor wishes to cancel, written notification must be sent on company letterhead to DIHUF Secretariat. If written notification of cancellation is received by 30th August 2018: A full refund, minus a processing charge of USD 50 will be granted.
Main Sponsorship                    USD 10,000    Platinum
Co-Sponsorship                       USD 7,500    Diamond
Print Sponsorship                     USD 5,000    Gold
Display Stall (Only space)         USD 2,500    Silver

Bank Details:
Banker: Ulricehamns Sparbank, Sweden (Swedbank and Sparbankerna)
Account Name: DIHUF Sweden
Clearing No:  83808
Account No: 0041557786
IBAN: SE9480000838080041557786
Bankgiro: 610-5902
Swiss: 123-106-16-05

Payment method:
Sponsorship Package

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Contact Information

For more information contact:
Namuddu Janet Magato (Mrs)
Director of Administration /Secretary General,
Vedåslavägen 7, 523 75 Dalum. SWEDEN
Tel: +46 (0) 321 320 90
Mobile/Whatsup:  +46 (0) 73 0396 309
Email:  janet.namuddumagato-se@dihuf.org.    Skype:  janet.magato3

HEAD OFFICE Mr Settenda Jasper Ntege
Foundation Executive Director/Chairman
44 Sangley road, Croydon, London. SE25 6QX. ENGLAND - UNITED KINGDOM
Email:  jasper.ntegesettenda-uk@dihuf.org
Mob: +44 7960 726174
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