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All Diaspora Ugandan Communities not reflected on the bar chart, contact the DIHUF Secretariat for more information.   Those in countries above, but not yet connected to the cause contact the Chief/Country/State/Region Coordinator in your country for more details.  The graph chart shows performance from 0 to 100% showing the performance status for each country/state/region as elaborated in the key information.

Updates will be effected every every three month to see the progress of each country/state/region.  So, people will be checking on their performance on a quarterly basis.

The key tasks measured with this chat include: Recruiting Committee Members; Registration of the Chapter; Recruiting of Committed Members, Fundraising.

For those based in Uganda with interest of joining the cause should get in touch direct with DIHUF Secretariat in Sweden.

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For more information contact:
HEAD OFFICE Mr Settenda Jasper Ntege
Foundation Executive Director/Chairman
44 Sangley road, Croydon, London. SE25 6QX. ENGLAND - UNITED KINGDOM
Mob: +44 7960 726174
Namuddu Janet Magato (Mrs)
Director of Administration /Secretary General,
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Tel: +46 (0) 321 320 90
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