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WE the founding members across Diaspora Ugandan Communities,
HAVING carefully studied the Uganda healthcare situation in particular and the region as well as the African continent in general, we realized and established the immense urgent needs of healthcare unit, the consequences of poor healthcare on the citizens and the country and the ultimate exorbitant fees Ugandans pay to attain/access advanced healthcare needs/services within the country and abroad.  We further established the shortage of healthcare professionals evidenced by wide doctor to patient ratio, under-unequipped laboratories and general low community awareness of/or preventative strategies in case of un epidemic out break and they are ill.  
Therefore, for appropriate healthcare interventions in Uganda we have considered the establishment and construction of the Diaspora International Hospital Uganda (DIHU) offering holistic healthcare services which is critical to meeting Uganda’s healthcare needs for its citizens, the Diaspora, neighbours in East Africa and Africa in general.  Drawing from this premise we strongly believe that through provision of the best healthcare services to the people of Uganda, Diaspora and its African neighbours, DIHU will contribute by accelerating the socioeconomic transformation as well as stimulating broad based health healthcare provision in Uganda.
AND realising that by providing strong healthcare institution to Ugandans suffering the scarce healthcare services and products could turn the society into productive communities through appropriate, affordable and accessible healthcare services to every Ugandan.
WE HAVE therefore willfully and empathetically resolved to organize ourselves into a foundation called DIASPORA INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL UGANDA FOUNDATION, to enact the establishment and subsequent construction of DIHU Foundation with the aim of providing, supporting, supplementing and complimenting the efforts of the government of Uganda and other stakeholders the state-of-the-art healthcare in Uganda and the region at large.

i.    To passionately join our efforts to serve this cause as Ugandans regardless of our tribes, regions of origin, religion, colour or political affiliation and avoid any sectarian tendencies.
ii.    To embrace team spirit and teamwork and moving forward together.
iii.    To adapt and ensure the spirit of accountability, honesty and integrity for all our actions.
iv.    To forge unity in diversity by recognizing and appreciating all the differences within and around us to be able to move forward with respectful approach while executing our different activities.
v.    To recognize and appreciate as well as celebrate the success and the contributions made members and other stakeholders to the betterment of DIHUF.
vi.    To provide a conducive working environment where counsel and advice are openly received and discussed, talent is nurtured and appreciated and work is both motivating and rewarding.
vii.    To establish a well-balanced measure of conflict resolution and avoidance of other work-related conflicts. 

i.    To establish a Diaspora International Hospital with the capacity to handle all general and specialised medical services, treatments, and products in the healthcare sector at international level standards. 
ii.    To offer affordable, accessible and sustainable healthcare services, treatments, and products to the people of Uganda, the Diaspora and Africa in general.
iii.    To provide high quality medical practices, training and employment to Ugandans and also to increase on the number of professional medical personnel.

i.    To establish and construct an International Medical Village with capacity of covering between Five Hundred Thousand and One Million (500,000 and 1,000,000) patients across the country at any given time consisting on average 500 wards, operation theatres, departmental out patients, paediatric, antenatal clinics, nursing-care home for the aged, psychiatry department, air and road ambulance, IT and computer plan, doctors’ offices and medical conference halls, pharmacology department, medical training and research centre, a shopping and refreshment mail, studio apartment for medical training, students lecture theatres, a well-stocked medical library, a fully furnished medical hotel, housing facility for hospital workers and many other necessary departments for healthcare institution not mentioned herein.
ii.    To construct/upgrade/partner with medical service centres/facilities across the country that will address all illnesses, medical staff training and research to support the established International Medical Village.
iii.    To avail well-established Road/Air Ambulance and Paramedic service units within reach of every Town in Uganda.
iv.    To avail affordable and accessible healthcare services to the rural areas and all villages across the country through the introduction of mobile clinics, mobile surgical units and partnerships with other existing medical outlets within those regions of Uganda.
v.    To establish sustainable healthcare programmes and maintain good working relationships with all well-established foundations, partners, donors, human resources, stakeholders and the Health Ministry in Uganda.
vi.    To establish an effective and efficient network for the smooth running, cooperation and coordination of DIHUF activities with members, partners and all other organs globally.
vii.    To establish an effective and convenient electronic communication mechanism through which members can meet, debate or exchange ideas aligned with the purpose and objectives of DIHUF.
viii.    To attract Uganda Diaspora experts to come and work at DIHU and/or establish telemedicine platform and direct doctors’ patients chattering through which they can provide consultations, advise and counselling to patients in Uganda.

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