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Our Vision is Clear
To provide State-of-the-art healthcare of international qualities and standards that obviate the need of Ugandans and neighbours in the continent who seek expensive medical interventions from Asia, Europe and North America.. Read More


Our drive is
To establish an all-inclusive International Medical Village in Uganda with a network of healthcare service centres/branches and well-established paramedic units around Uganda with a view of increasing the provision, promotion, accessibility and sustainability of high quality healthcare practices and services across Uganda and its neighbours. Read More

Welcome to DIHUF

We want to welcome all of you to our website! This is our online office that is here to serve you just as if you were to come and see us at the head office or secretariat personally. We will be using the website periodically to provide our virtual visitors with updates, and we want to use the website to introduce you to the important sections of this website.

Our Uniqueness

To offer afordable, accessible and sustainable healthcare services to the people of Uganda. And provide high quality medical practices, training and employment to Ugandans. .

Every life matters, good healthcare and maintaining good working relationships with all foundation partners, stakeholders and the Health Ministry in Uganda


Attract experts doctors from DIHUF and research to support the established international Medical Village and well-established Road/Air Ambulance.

People who are unprivileged to access the quality medical services in Uganda and East Central African Region at Large.


Diaspora International Hospital Uganda Foundation (DIHUF)
  • will be a State of the Art International Hospital providing high quality & international standard healthcare to all Ugandans & neighbouring nations in East & Central Africa.
    DIHUF will thus bring advanced medical and healthcare procedures which tend to be sought abroad near to both the unprivileged & privileged. Further, medical & healthcare experts and well-wishers in the Diaspora will bring on their internationally sought-after skills to serve Ugandans through DIHUF.
  • To establish an International Hospital with the capacity to handle all general and specialised medical services, treatments, and products in the healthcare sector at international level standards.
  • To offer affordable, accessible and sustainable healthcare services, treatments, and products to the people of Uganda, the Diaspora and Africa in general..
  • To provide high quality medical practices, training and employment to Ugandans and also to increase on the number of professional medical personnel.

Donate to our Cause

Donate to Diaspora International Hospital Uganda Foundation so as to avail affordable and accessible healthcare services to the rural areas and all villages across the country through the introduction of mobile clinics, mobile surgical units and partnerships with other existing medical outlets within those regions of Uganda..

Our Location

Contact Information

For more information contact:
Namuddu Janet Magato (Mrs)
Director of Administration /Secretary General,
Vedåslavägen 7, 523 75 Dalum. SWEDEN
Tel: +46 (0) 321 320 90
Mobile/Whatsup:  +46 (0) 73 0396 309
Email:  janet.namuddumagato-se@dihuf.org.    Skype:  janet.magato3

HEAD OFFICE Mr Settenda Jasper Ntege
Foundation Executive Director/Chairman
44 Sangley road, Croydon, London. SE25 6QX. ENGLAND - UNITED KINGDOM
Email:  jasper.ntegesettenda-uk@dihuf.org
Mob: +44 7960 726174
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